Frequently Asked Questions about Productions

  • How much does it cost to participate? The cost of participating in classes, workshops and shows will vary, but we will do our best to offer low-cost production opportunities for kids. We will do at least 2 shows per year with no production fees. Scholarship opportunities will be available for interested families. We do ask that parents volunteer some of their time to help offset the cost and that all families sell a limited number of tickets as well. Kids can compete for prizes for top ticket sales. Additional items like t shirts, DVDs or photo CDs are also available for purchase but are totally optional.
  • What do students and their families have to provide? BNT will do as much as we can to provide costumes but kids will have to supply undergarments that promote modesty (a tank top and tight-fitting shorts, or leotard), their own hair supplies (brush or comb, bobby pins, hair ties, etc) and their own makeup. Any extreme make up or hair supplies will be provided by BNT. Kids will also need their own shoes, but these will be things they should have around the house already. We will do a Closet Clean-Out Call for families to check for commonly needed items that they can loan or donate to the production to help eliminate expenses. Of course we NEVER want any child to be unable to participate because they cannot provide any needed items and you can privately contact any member of the production team if you need assistance.
  • What ages can audition? Some shows may be targeting specific age groups, such as younger elementary kids or teens only. For shows casting the full age range we encourage ages 10 and up to audition for lead roles, and ages 6 to 10 for ensemble roles. There may be some non-speaking opportunities for younger siblings on a show-by-show basis. There are always outstanding kids who are the exception but we find that when it comes to reading the script, retaining the dialogue and general attention span for participating in long scenes, it is better to let kids grow into more complex roles. Just remember, ALL ROLES ARE IMPORTANT WHEN TELLING A STORY!
  • My child is very shy but still wants to participate… No problem! Often times kids will want to be on the outskirts of a production and in seeing the process and making friends decide to make the leap on stage! We will have some small non-speaking roles available for kids just wanting to learn about how to get up on stage in front of an audience. We also encourage kids to join one of the production teams like costumes, prop creation, set design or painting, or helping out backstage. This still allows kids to be a part of the team and join in the fun without being on stage.
  • How do we prepare for auditions? First, reserve your spot for auditions. Once you have done that we will email a script excerpt to kids ONE WEEK before auditions — this timed release allows most kids the same time to prepare. If kids want to feel more prepared they are encouraged to work on a specific character voice beforehand or they can use the mirror to create facial expressions
  • We have a conflict during auditions but still want to participate. No matter how hard we try we can’t always find a time that works for everyone. We will do our best to arrange for a second in-person audition date if needed, or we can accept a video audition. However, please note that a video audition will limit the casting team’s ability to ask an actor to read additional scene, try a new voice or expression, or assess other direction as needed.
  • What exactly happens at auditions? Auditions will be held in an open setting, meaning each child will perform the audition piece in front of the casting team, other auditioning kids and any parents or siblings who wish to stay. This is meant to help kids who may be shy have the chance to stay near their parents and to encourage the kids to support each other and cheer each other on. Parents are not required to stay but will be welcome to sit in the room to observe. Kids will be called individually to read the character pieces, then will be divided to read other scenes with partners or groups. Kids may be asked to learn a short dance piece to determine basic rhythm. No singing is required for these auditions.
  • What happens if my child can’t complete auditions or isn’t cast? It is our goal to offer a role to every child who auditions and can attend a reasonable number of rehearsals and all performances. Any children who are too shy to audition can opt to be on the costume, props or set crews. If children cannot attend all performances or must miss a significant number of rehearsals they may be asked to participate on a production team. The cast list will be emailed to parents and children following auditions.
  • When are rehearsals? We do have rehearsal space confirmed for one night a week at the Spring Hill Public Library and we are finalizing an additional location for a weekday evening or Saturday morning or afternoon. If your child is available for rehearsal during the day we may have additional rehearsal during the day. Please note: if your child is not available for daytime rehearsals this WILL NOT have any bearing on the results of their casting. They just may need a little extra practice time in front of the mirror at home.