Financial Assistance

Apply now for Financial Assistance for Fall Classes and Lion King Jr. Fees

Thank you for your interest in our classes, workshop and other theatre learning opportunities through BNT. It is our goal to create highly affordable opportunities for any interested children, though creating a safe and enriching arts experience does still have expense attached. For families with interest who find they are unable to provide requested fees or tuition we are seeking to offer reduced price tuition or work study opportunities to offset the expense of our programs so that participating is more feasible.

Scholarships are offered as a monetary amount of assistance to directly offset class or production fees. Scholarships are not available for non-instructional opportunities or merchandise.

Work Study opportunities are available for both teens and parents of students. Some examples of work study include serving as a teaching assistant for classes or camps, acting as a rehearsal assistant, providing childcare for teachers during classes or rehearsal times, performing additional tasks for show production teams, helping with administrative tasks or attending promotional opportunities on behalf of the company. Work Study participants will be compensated at the rate of $10/hour unless a task of particular skill or merit is performed for a different rate to be discussed on a case by case basis.

Teachers and directors will receive free class fees and production fees for their participating children during the time of their service, and committee chairs for productions will receive 50% off production fees.

Applicants must be willing to disclose financial information in order to be considered for a scholarship. It is our goal to approve as many opportunities as possible, but application does not guarantee approval. The following qualification scale is used for application approval.


Please note, each family’s case is reviewed individually. Special circumstances such as extraneous medical expenses, recent job loss or other financial hardship will be taken into consideration as well. These numbers are based on regional averages of household income and financial forecasts.

Number of People in Household Gross Annual Household Income
2 persons 29,400
3 persons 37,000
4 persons 44,800
5 persons 50,000
6 persons 54,600

All scholarship applications and associated information are held in the strictest confidence. Each application will be assigned a number code to remove any identifying personal information (names, addresses, etc.) and only the financial data and any applicable letters of request will be reviewed by a third party to distribute aid fairly and impartially. Scholarship applications must be submitted prior to the deadline posted on the website. Late submissions will not be given consideration. Requests are reviewed in the order in which they are received. The more we know about your situation the better able we are to consider your request. Please use the personal statement form to better help us know how we may serve your family.

Once your application has been processed you will be notified by phone or email as to the decision regarding your application. If you are eligible, opportunities are available for up to fifty percent of the total class, camp or production fee per student. Some families may be eligible for additional assistance based on demonstrated reliability in past classes and productions.

Approval is for all students in the family, and financial information is kept on file for one year. Families may request scholarship or work study for each class session and production as needed. Scholarship approval for productions does not exempt the needed participation in a production committee.

Any class fees or production expenses not covered by scholarship funds will be due no later than the first day of class or production, unless payment arrangements are made in advance. Unpaid balances may result in being denied future scholarships or participation.