Parent Committees

One of the ways we offset costs for the production as well as keep the whole family (or any interested family members) involved in the show is through our Parent Committees. Parents are asked to participate on one parent committee for 15 hours to assist in the behind the scenes work of the show. Each committee will have a member of the directoral team as a guide. Below is a description of the committees to help you chose what role may be best for you.

We will have 2 Parent Committee Meeting Days when the committees will meet with the director team to first establish goals and discuss ideas, then to give an update of progress. Parent Committees are called to the Tech Load In rehearsal and the Tech Load Out unless otherwise specified. Each Parent is asked to serve behind the scenes for at least one performance.

PLEASE NOTE: We will make every effort to fill requests for preferred committees but we cannot guarantee you will be on the committee of your choice. If you do not wish to commit to joining a Parent Committee we do offer a “buy out” option. Parents can pay $100 to cover the expense of hiring additional staff hours to perform their part of the show production process. Please make a note of this on your Parent Committee form to be contacted for payment.

Costumes & Make Up: It’s not ALL about sewing! Parents who can help find creative ways to achieve our costuming goals through other ways (shopping thrift stores, organizing closet pulls, wielding a glue gun and a roll of sequins and many other crafty means) are great for this team. Some tasks include:

  • Assisting seamstresses with cutting patterns or fabric or being a runner for fittings
  • Taking costume measurements and assisting with fittings
  • Creating and documenting a master costume list for each character
  • Creating a shopping list or shopping for specific items per costume needs
  • Helping each parent collect the costume and hair & make-up supplies they need (BNT will supply most costume pieces and any extraordinary hair or makeup needs)
  • Helping to snazify costume pieces with light sewing, fabric glue or hot glue gun
  • Assist backstage with fast changes or keeping costumes organized during the show
  • Learning special hairdos, makeup techniques or helping characters with wigs backstage during performances

Time Commitment: Great for a parent who wants to be very involved in the show! About ⅔ of this committee’s tasks can happen on your own time, though parents are welcome to meet and collaborate during rehearsal times or arrange their own meetings outside of rehearsals. Check in with Committee Head for new tasks and report progress. Requested to attend the following:

  • Parent Committee Meetings
  • Tech/Dress Rehearsal
  • Backstage for at least one performance
  • Show Strike

Props: Bring a scene to life with fun and fantastic props! Whether picked up from the thrift store or made from scratch, the right prop is just as important as a costume or set. Some tasks include:

  • Reading the script to create a master prop list
  • Organize a “prop drive”
  • Shop for materials to make or enhance props
  • Manage props table to make sure each character has prop during the right scene
  • Pack props to store for future use

Time Commitment: Almost all of this committee’s tasks can happen on your own time, though parents are welcome to meet and collaborate during rehearsal times or arrange their own meetings outside of rehearsals. Check in with Committee Head for new tasks and report progress. Requested to attend the following:

  • Parent Committee Meetings
  • Tech/Dress Rehearsal
  • Backstage for at least one performance
  • Show Strike

Set Committee: Create the world of the show using creative elements including platforms, backdrops and other life-sized creations. The sets may be simple or elaborate, but will bring the show to life. Use of basic tools a plus. Set builds will take place outdoors at Sarah & Caleb’s house on a dedicated production day. Some tasks include:

  • Attending the Set Construction Saturday to build, paint and otherwise assemble sets
  • Help move set into performance venue
  • Assist backstage with set changes
  • Help move sets into storage after final show

Time Commitment: Almost all of the set construction and painting will take place on one day. A great option for a parent who wants to get  their committee hours met in one chunk. Set Committee parents will be asked to help with either load in or load out, as well working backstage for one show. Requested to attend the first Parent Committee Meeting.

Backstage Logistics/Stage Manager: Works closely with the Stage Manager to make sure all positions are filled for Tech rehearsals and shows. Will involve organizing committee members for even coverage and commitment and filling any gaps as needed. Some tasks include:

  • Coordinator of Load In and Load Out rehearsals
  • Creating Master List of Backstage Needs
  • Set up Greenroom activities for kids when not on stage
  • Coordinating parent conflicts & schedules
  • Good use of spreadsheets to organize positions to be filled

Time Commitment: Backstage during tech rehearsals and performances (can trade roles to be able to see a performance). Communicates during rehearsal period via email with staff and committee heads to establish needs.

Front of House Committee: Works with Production Coordinator to organize the first appearance of the show to our audience members. Also brainstorms to create fun games or activities in the lobby as a fundraiser. Some tasks include managing volunteers for Box Office, Usher, and Lobby Game duties; assisting with the setup of the Box Office, Concession tables and Lobby displays; train ushers to assist guests to their seats; organize and restock concessions; manage the till for Box Office, Concessions, Souvenir or Lobby Sales

Time Commitment: Planning and organization of details can happen on your own time. Communicate with committee head regularly for completed tasks or additional needs. On-Site time during Load in, during performances, and during Show Strike.

PR & Marketing Team: Driven to promote ticket sales, the PR & Marketing Team handles spreading the word via press releases, social media announcement, inviting press to preview days, and coordinating promotional events. Marketing team specializes in contacting local businesses to sell program ads and coordinate Show Shout Outs. Organizes a Paper the Town event with cast families to put out posters and fliers to promote ticket sales.

Time Commitment: Mostly done independently. Utilizing Google Drive documents to create checklists and contacts and delegate tasks.

Show Bookkeeper: Works with Production Coordinator to create and update the show budget sheets, organize receipts and help manage production expenses. Helps track ticket contest totals, souvenir and meal orders

Time Commitment: Work independently throughout rehearsal and performance periods. Serves as point-of-contact for turning in receipts and requesting reimbursements. Should be available to pick up receipts at least once per week and maintain running totals for each committee via Google drive documents.

Hospitality and Appreciation: Fills in the gaps to make sure the stressful high-paced show week goes smoothly for the staff and crew by coordinating meals. Also organizes comp tickets for cast and crew, reaches out to community figureheads with complimentary tickets and organizes the cast party.

Time Commitment: Flexible throughout rehearsal times. Mostly contacting local businesses for food donations and keeping a head count. Plan the Cast Party, a super-fun party after the show closes where we give out cast awards and remember fun and funny things that happened during the show.

All families are asked to have a parent or parent rep attend the following

Load in Day

One Tech Rehearsal

One Performance

Show Strike

All cast and crew members are invited to the Cast Party after the show has closed. Families are welcome to attend, there may be a small fee for family members to eat.