The Aviator is the “grown up” of the show. He/She narrates the encounters they have with the Little Prince who restores the Aviator’s idea of love, imagination and wonderment through his journeys to different planets. The Aviator has crash-landed in the desert and is trying to repair the damaged plane to return to civilization, and while drawn to the fantastic tales of the Little Prince is distracted by trying to find a way to survive.

AVIATOR: When I was six years old, once upon a very long time ago, I made this drawing. I showed my masterpiece to the grown-ups and asked, “Does it frighten you?”. But they said, “Why should anyone be frightened by a hat?”. It was not a hat. So I drew it for them more clearly. Grown-ups always need to have things explained to them. It was a boa constrictor having swallowed an elephant. But this time they said, “Put those crayons away and study arithmetic or geography or something important. So I did… but I always kept my first drawing with me as a test of true understanding.


AVIATOR: Let’s see now — One half eaten croissant. Stale. Some lovely cheese. Ripe. Some — other thing. I’m sure if I’m here long enough I’ll find it delectable. But I’m equally as sure that it’s not going to come to that.