Conceited Man

The Conceited Man (or woman) is just that. They believe that other people are only there to give them accolades.

CONCEITED MAN: Ah! An admirer!

LITTLE PRINCE: Good morning. What a strange hat you’re wearing.

CONCEITED MAN: It’s a hat for acknowledging compliments. I raise it when people acclaim me. Unfortunately nobody every passes by this way. Now sit right down their. Very good — very good. Now slap your hands together — once again, now faster. (LITTLE PRINCE claps and MAN raises his hat. They do this several times, accelerating until the clapping becomes applause to the CONCEITED MAN’S delight.) Ahh! Do you really admire me very much?


CONCEITED MAN: I just love it when you — admire me.

LITTLE PRINCE: Admire — what does that mean?

CONCEITED MAN: It means you regards me as the handsomest, best-dressed, richest, most intelligent man on this planet.