Little Prince

The Little Prince is the main storyteller of the show. He travels to multiple planets, encountering people that teach him very important life lessons about love, friendship and valuable qualities.

Kids auditioning for the Little Prince will also be reading the scenes with the other characters for further audition work.


LITTLE PRINCE: Where I come from, it is so small that all you need to do is move your chair a few steps and you can see the day end and twilight fall as many times as you like. But here on your planet you can walk and walk and still be in the same magnificent sunset. One loves the sunset when one is so sad.

I kept wondering what I was that I was missing and wishing I had. So far away from home it’s good to have someone to watch the sunset with.


LITTLE PRINCE: One morning, from a seed that had blown from who knows where, a small sprout appeared — and it was not like any of the other small sprouts on my planet. So I watched it carefully. You see it could have been some new kind of baobab. But soon it became clear — it was something entirely new — It stopped growing and began to get ready to produce a flower… A flower — like no flower I’d ever seen before. It chose its colors carefully and adjusted its petals one by one. A mysterious and glorious creature. And then finally… just as the dawn rose…