The King

The King is a flat character – meaning he only shows one side of himself. He is the ruler of his planet and believes his sole purpose is to give orders to whomever he meets — his subjects. He is jovial, as he believes he is a good and beloved ruler.


KING: AH! A subject! Approach, that I may see you better. (LITTLE PRINCE yawns) Tsk. Tsk. It is not proper to yawn in the presence of a king! I order you not to yawn.

LITTLE PRINCE: I can’t help it. I’ve traveled a long way and I haven’t had any sleep.

KING: Ah. Then I order you to yawn. It’s been years since I’ve seen anyone yawn. Yes, yes, give us a good one now. It’s an order.

LITTLE PRINCE: (tries to but can’t) I’m sorry, I guess I can’t anymore.

KING: Hmm… Then I — I order you to sometimes yawn and sometimes not to yawn. There. You see, my orders are very reasonable, don’t you think?

LITTLE PRINCE: May I sit down?
KING: I order you to sit down.


KING: Sire.


KING: Sure.

LITTLE PRINCE: Sire, excuse me for asking a question —

KING: I order you to ask me a question.

LITTLE PRINCE: Over what do you rule?
KING: Over everything.

LITTLE PRINCE: Everything?
KING: Everything.