The Rose

The Rose is the “pet” of the Little Prince and the thing he loves more than anything in the world. She blooms among weeds and the Little Prince teaches her that she is beautiful and unique and much loved. She is temperamental and jealous when he turns his attention to other matters. The actress playing The Rose much display a large variety of emotions from a stationary (planted) position. The use of upper body movement, facial expression and tone will be very important.

ROSE: (seeing her surroundings for the first time) Oh. (Seeing LITTLE PRINCE for the first time) Oh.

LITTLE PRINCE: You are so beautiful…

ROSE: I am?


ROSE: Oh. Hmm… What is that?
LITTLE PRINCE: Beautiful? It’s something pleasing to see.

ROSE: Oh. Beau-ti-ful. Huh.

LITTLE PRINCE: You are the most beautiful flower on my planet.

ROSE: (jealous) There are other flowers here?

LITTLE PRINCE: Not unique like you. Unique — Like nothing else in the world!

ROSE: Is unique as good as beautiful?


ROSE: Oh good. (She spreads her arms grandly, pricking him)


ROSE: What’s that?

LITTLE PRINCE: That’s a thorn.

ROSE: Oh! I have quite a few. I will try to be more careful.

LITTLE PRINCE: That’s all right. It didn’t hurt, really. Not much anyway. I’m just so happy you are here with me.

Rose: (points to herself) You. And (points to LITTLE PRINCE) me?

LITTLE PRINCE: No, no. I’m you and you’re me.

ROSE: This is very confusing.

LITTLE PRINCE: It doesn’t matter, really. As long as we are here together. (ROSE is confused) What is it?

Rose: What’s we?

LITTLE PRINCE: Well, that’s you and me together. We’re we.


ROSE: La-la-la-la-la. (LITTLE PRINCE smiles but continues working. Annoyed she looks around for distraction and suddenly spots a caterpillar on her leaf.) EEKKK!

LITTLE PRINCE: What is it?

ROSE: It’s a monster crawling on me!

LITTLE PRINCE: Oh. It’s just a caterpillar. They’re really very marvelous creatures. One day it will turn into a beautiful butterfly. But if it upsets you, I’ll take it away… in just a moment.

ROSE: (waits impatiently trying to think of another way to get his attention. She clears her throat). I seem to be very dry. Do you think I might have a drink?

LITTLE PRINCE: Certainly. As soon as I get this last little baobab. (She is annoyed. LITTLE PRINCE continues to struggle with baobab. ROSE begins to cough, lightly at first, then more loudly. LITTLE PRINCE drops the weed and rushes to her side.) What is it?

ROSE: (Coughing dramatically) Water…

LITTLE PRINCE: (rushes to water her) Are you alright?

ROSE: Much better now. Thank you. (They smile. LITTLE PRINCE heads back to his work.) But, I am feeling a little bit of a chill.

LITTLE PRINCE: (gets her a screen) Better? (She nods. He tries to leave again to tend tothe ever-menacing baobabs.)

ROSE: Oh, but now it seems I’m terribly warm again. (He takes the screen  away and waters her again)

LITTLE PRINCE: And so it went — day after day — until finally Ihad to tell her (to ROSE) Don’t you see? If I don’t return to my work, the baobabs could become dangerous to you!

ROSE: Well, go back to your baobabs then, if they’re so very important. (LITTLE PRINCE is hurt and does not move) Go on! Go back to your precious weeds.