The Snake

The Snake is sinister in nature but pities the innocence and pure intention of the Little Prince as he travels through the planets. The Snake appears throughout to alarm the Aviator of the dangers of its nature, but continues to pursue the Little Prince with the purpose of helping him achieve his goal.

LITTLE PRINCE: Good evening.

SNAKE: Good evening.

LITTLE PRINCE: What planet is this?

SNAKE: This is Earth. This is Africa.

LITTLE PRINCE: Ah, then there are no people on earth?

SNAKE: This is the desert. There are no people in the desert. The Earth is large.

LITTLE PRINCE: Look at my planet. It’s right above us.

SNAKE: It is very beautiful.

LITTLE PRINCE: I wonder whether the stars shine brightly here so that each of us can find his way home.

SNAKE: What has brought you here?

LITTLE PRINCE: I have been having some trouble with a flower.

SNAKE: A flower. Ah! (The SNAKE’S movements have a hypnotic effect on the LITTLE PRINCE)

LITTLE PRINCE: Where are the men? It is very lonely in the desert.

SNAKE: It is also lonely — among men.

LITTLE PRINCE: You are a funny animal! You are no thicker than a finger.

SNAKE: But I am more powerful than the finger of a king.

LITTLE PRINCE: You’re not very powerful You don’t have any feet.

SNAKE: But I can carry you further than any ship. Whomever I touch I send back to the earth from whence they came. But you, you are innocent and true and come from a start. You move me to pity. You are so weak on this Earth made of granite. I can help you some day. If you grow too homesick, I can — I CAN. (She moves menacingly around him) I never lie. It’s all a matter of perception. Lies — truth, snakes — hats, death — life… What appears to be is not always what is. But then you know that — or do you anymore?