Time Slots

Please arrive 10 minutes before your audition time to fill out any neccesary paperwork. Audition will consist of a few group improv activities and readings from the script. We will try to stick to the hour time but please plan for your child to stay until we have seen them read for everything we wish to see them for. They may be asked to return for the 6-7p hour for a brief callback.

Monday, December 4
Spring Hill Public Library

4-5p Timeslot (1 audition spot left)

  • Jordan R.
  • Joshua R.
  • Shaelyn N.
  • Natalie M.
  • Cara M.
  • Olena W.
  • Caleigh O.
  • Kylin K.
  • Téa P.

5-6p Timeslot (3 audition spot left)

  • Lyla A.
  • Shelby L.
  • Whitney K.
  • Allison G.
  • Sheridan H.
  • Grace B.
  • Ella W.

6-7p Timeslot (9 audition spot left)

  • Mylez T.

Ensemble Auditions

  • Allie P.
  • Sophia P.
  • Audrey T.
  • Lizzie J.
  • Maddie R.